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Weight Loss and Nutrition

Hi I'm Janet and here to help you on a positive journey to weight loss and finding a balance with nutrition, healthy lifestyle and exercise. If you are struggling with confidence and body image I can help you . In my weight loss coaching session we will identify the barriers/ blocks you may be creating which are stopping you on jour journey to positive health and wellbeing.  Guilt, lack of motivation and poor nutrition can all hinder your progress to a healthy lifestyle.

I want to help you become the BEST version of yourself. The version who feels positive, motivated and willing to push ahead with health goals.

Weight Loss Session Overview

I want to tell you about what you can expect from a weight loss coaching session. At first when we meet we will go through an initial informal consultation which will check if you have any medical issues which need to be considered before embarking on a weight loss programme. We will work together to identify any negative patterns that may have been holding you back and stopping any potential progress. I will use timeline therapy techniques to see how your past could be getting in the way of the future you deserve for health and wellness. We will mutually agree on a realistic weight loss programme that will be of most benefit to fit around your lifestyle. Together we will agree on health and exercise goals to keep you accountable for your weight loss journey. 

I will offer nutrition advice and guidance and work with you to plan your meals with positivity. I aim to use simple meal plans which you will enjoy choosing and preparing . 


Each coaching session will include access to worksheets, health coaching logs and information on nutrition.




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